Our Services:


    • Quotes include a written quotation after we have seen the property.
      • Does not include any recommendations.

Remote/In Person Consultation

    • Remote consultations are conducted via video call or conferencing.
    • In Person consultations are conducted at the property where measurements, photos and other pertinent details are gathered by us.
    • Includes:
      • Welcome Package
      • Recommendations of each room
      • Colour recommendations
      • Priority list of changes to be made
      • Shopping lists and more

Occupied Property Staging

    • Staging with use of some/all of the seller’s own furnishings.
    • Staging with a blend of staging items and seller’s own furnishings.

Vacant Property Staging

    • Staging full or key rooms in a vacant property with Staging items.


    • Creating a new and updated look for a room(s).